Breaking Down The Value Proposition with 3 Rules

Breaking Down The Value Proposition with 3 Rules Blog Image

Selling a product online can be a lot more tricky than in person. This is because the “sales pitch” fundamental nature is deeply centered around the idea that your delivery and personality will swing things in your favor.

Of course, when making a digital sale, communicating a sales pitch through force of personality is less of an option to fall back on. Instead, a digital sale is typically most effective when the value of a product is communicated out of the gate. You only have that potential customer for as long as it takes for them to finish reading a sentence – so it has to count. As a result, mastering the art of a value proposition is a vital skill for any digital marketer or small business owner.

In today’s blog, I’ll go over the three most vital pillars of a value proposition and why these are fundamental to understanding how to create a sales pitch for a product that resonates with prospective buyers.

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Selling a product or service isn’t so much about the product itself but the idea of what that product brings. As a result, any piece of content or web copy you’re attributing to your product or service has to resonate with your customer’s needs.

Make the case as briefly as possible why your target audience wants or needs what you’re selling. Then, follow that up with why they must act as soon as possible to make a purchase. Finally, if you’re having trouble, simply ask yourself the same question as your customers: “Why act now?”

Same But Different

Chances are, whatever you or your client sells isn’t wholly original. That’s ok; not every product, idea, or service has to be. However, a key focus of a successful sales pitch is how your product differs from your competitors. That could be an opportunity to focus on what makes you different. Or a similar factor that gives you an edge over the other available options?

Regardless of that difference, ensuring your audience knows what makes you and your product distinct is vital.

Back It Up

Finally, the third factor of your value proposition should be the idea of trust. Customers and clients want to feel as though they’re secure in their choice; there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve chosen the wrong horse, after all.

This is where substantiated information is critical. Testimonials, case studies, and even awards are valuable tools to help alleviate any doubts your customers or clients may have.

Your sales pitch and value proposition can have a much more structured approach when selling a product to customers. However, tailoring your pitch to each prospective client is crucial for client outreach. Using the above system is arguably the best way to stay on track and ensure your putting your best foot forward.

That’s it for today’s entry! Check out my other blogs for more thoughts on the latest digital industry development and entrepreneurship challenges in the online world. 

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