Business Lessons to Learn from The Late, Great Scott Hall 

Business Lessons to Learn from The Late, Great Scott Hall Blog Image

Okay, so this one might sound a little funny, but if you know anything about pro wrestling, then you’ll probably see the value of what I’m about to talk about. 

Scott Hall, aka Razor Ramone, was one of the coolest guys to ever walk into a pro wrestling ring. The guy exuded a sort of unique confidence that made him a unique entity in a “sport” defined by the presence of its participants. 

Scott recently passed away, so it seems appropriate to talk about how a guy who “never won a world title” ended up being one of the most influential wrestlers in the sport and how Halls’ career is a fantastic allegory of how to forge your path as an entrepreneur. 

Read on! 

Pro Wrestling, Really? 

Yes, really. 

Pro wrestling is a sport/art form that’s been around for decades, even centuries depending on how you view it. Pro wrestling is also, wait for it, fake – or fixed, to put it more accurately. Just about everyone knows this fact; you’d be silly not to. 

Yet, somehow, pro wrestling sells out stadiums and arenas, with crowds reacting as though it’s as real as any other sport. 

Why you ask?. Because pro-wrestlers know better than anyone how to sell a product through storytelling. One of the best was Scott Hall, aka Razor Ramone. 

Tell A Story

One thing I approach clients with is the idea of telling a story with their products. Everyone loves a good story, especially when paying for one. 

Pro wrestlers tell stories every time they step in the ring to “get over” with a crowd – to make people invested in them. The understanding is that the more people are invested in them as performers, the more people will pay to see them perform again. 

The same applies to business. You want your clients/customers to be invested in your success, and the best way to do that is by ensuring that your story as a business is presented successfully.  

Part of that comes down to authenticity. People are more intelligent than we often realize and can usually tell when something doesn’t feel genuine or authentic. So, make sure your story is something tangible for people to engage with that is uniquely you. 

Make Others Look Good

One of the things that people under-appreciate about Scott Hall, and the art of pro wrestling, is how much thought can go into making other performers look good. 

Again, the math is simple, the more wrestlers that look good in the ring, the greater chance they can attract a crowd. It’s an idea so well understood that even when a wrestler loses, there’s often still a desire to make them look good in defeat and protect their reputation. 

Scott Hall understood this better than most and was notorious for ensuring that other guys in the ring looked terrific when they wrestled him, sometimes to his own detriment. 

Making others look good is a central concept of good business practice. No one wants to waste their time working with someone that can’t further their interests. So, it stands to reason that you want to make sure your partners, clients, or customers always feel good when engaging with your business or product. 

Life on The Road

Something people don’t know about pro wrestlers is how often they spend time on the road. Going from town to town, state to state, to perform is crucial for pro wrestlers to make a living. It’s a relentless schedule that demands more as wrestlers become more well-known. 

Scott Hall was pretty notorious for his antics on the road and was well-established as a prankster with other performers. However, Scott was also known for being receptive to the struggles of touring and the importance of friendships made along the way. 

Starting your own business, and sticking with it, is a long and relentless journey with many twists and turns happening every day. So, take it from Hall and remember that while the journey to business success can be a long, demanding one, sticking with a plan, staying on schedule, and appreciating the little things will do more for your odds of success than anything else. 

Be an Outsider

One of the most famous moments of Scott Hall’s career was forming the wrestling “faction” known as the New World Order (NWO). The idea sprung from the fact that Hall, along with fellow wrestlers – Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan, were known as “outsiders” in certain wrestling circles after leaving the then-known World Wrestling Federation (WWF). 

When the group moved to a different organization, Hall, Nash, and Hogan decided to stick together and form a group that undermined their new surroundings. The idea took off, and the NWO became a household name overnight. Things went so well that the group is still recognized today for its long-standing impact. 

When becoming an entrepreneur, it’s essential to realize that you’re an outsider and not be afraid of that idea. Everyone starts somewhere, and it takes courage to begin your own ventures. 

So, take a page from pro-wrestling and Scott Hall – don’t be afraid to go for it and start something new like a business. Have confidence in yourself and realize that, while you may be an outsider when you begin, you’ll soon find your feet if you’re willing to put in the work. 

That’s it for today’s entry! Check out my other blogs for more thoughts on the latest development in the digital industry and the challenges of entrepreneurship in the online world. 

Until then, see ya later! 

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