Hallowed Ground:  Getting on Page One of Google

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Getting your business listed on page 1 of Google’s search results is the ultimate goal for many digital marketers and owners. 

It’s easy to see why Google is the highway of the internet, making it easier to navigate the vast streams of data to find the information we need. Consumers, especially online consumers, are lazy too, making it infinitely harder for a business to thrive if its audience needs to do a little digging to find them. 

In today’s blog, I’ll talk about the tricks commonly used to get businesses on Google’s hallowed “page 1” and what happens after. 

Read on! 

Why Page 1? 

It’s simple. Consumers and clients will typically go to the first option presented before deciding to try something else. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s normal human behavior, but it makes it hard if you’re not the first option available. Most people will click on the first 1-to-5 results of search results presented before either finding what they want or giving up entirely, so being in those first five results is vital. 

Furthermore, being on the first page of Google results has created a sense of prestige for consumers. If you’re one of the first, logic dictates that you’ve done something to “earn your spot” – boosting consumer confidence in your products or services. 

How It Works

At its core – Google’s search engine is an extremely powerful algorithm designed solely to help people find the information they want as quickly as possible. To ensure it does this, the search engine considers vast criteria for websites it observes. Some of the more crucial criteria are: 

  • Is your content relevant to the search query?
  • Is the content regularly updated? 
  • Are other websites linking to your website? 
  • Is your website fast and secure?
  • Are other users looking through multiple pages of your website? 

Based on your website’s ability to perform according to the criteria, Google weighs your website against every other currently existing page before deciding where you rank. 

Getting on Page 1 

While we’re a long way away from the wild west days of the 90s and early 2000s, there are still some proven techniques to help ensure your website has a good chance of appearing on Page 1 of Googles search results:

  • Content is King: Blogs are one of the most efficient ways to inject loads of content into your website easily digestible for Google. Having a regular stream of written content every week helps your website look fresh and informative – two qualities Google loves to promote. 
  • Speed: A fast, well-optimized website is always more attractive to a search engine than one that isn’t. 
  • Well Connected: Google’s search engine uses a “quality by association” model when recommending certain pages. As a result, it’s vital to have high-quality pages linking directly to your website. This is also achievable with social media sharing as well. 

That’s it for today’s entry! Check out my other blogs for more thoughts on the latest digital industry development and entrepreneurship challenges in the online world. 

Until then, see ya later! 

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