How SEO plays a Vital Role in Digital Marketing

How SEO plays a Vital Role in Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often assumed to be a single element of digital marketing. While SEO has a singular focus, there is a wide-reaching influence SEO has over the behaviors of consumers, making it far too important to dismiss as a marketing tool. 

At its core, SEO focuses on improving and site’s ranking in search engine results. In many ways, it can feel like you’re “gaming the system” to make something appear more important to an algorithm than it really is. However, the process of SEO is complex at best, making it crucial to know your product and how to present its relevance to consumers. 

In today’s blog, I’ll go through the importance of SEO in digital marketing and the skills required to make the most of this technology for small business owners. If you’re a business owner still skeptical about investing in a complete SEO plan from a marketing team, this is definitely a blog worth consuming.

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Marketing Analysis

While SEO can seem a little dry at best, the fundamental infrastructure it provides to your digital marketing and online presence cannot be overstated. 

At its core, SEO is a technique that focuses on generating and leveraging as much data as possible for a focused result – your search engine result ranking. To that end, the method requires creating a “nest” of valuable keyword data points to ensure that your business is brought up to the consumer when specific search queries are made. 

Digital Marketing is a data game measured by how efficiently you can keep your head above a sea of similar-looking and sounding peers. Having a “nest egg” of data generated through your SEO makes this a lot easier and can be used across a wide range of campaign types and techniques.

Social Media Marketing 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be felt greatly in social media marketing campaigns as these use similar data points and keywords. Attracting the right customers to your social media pages and converting those engagements into sales starts squarely at an SEO level, making the initial research required unbelievably vital. 

As many social media platforms focus on location-based marketing, it is crucial to ensure your data points reflect that. SEO makes this easier as this is often folded into a marketing team’s SEO campaigns from the beginning. 

Local Engagement

If your business focuses on local engagement, such as health-based or financial services, a robust SEO approach is hugely encouraged. Google places a heavy emphasis on local engagement depending on business type and can make or break a business based on how they present itself to consumers. 

Whether you use Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo, you’ll inevitably find yourself typing in a search query for products and services “near me.” The services that come up first are the ones that have their SEO well managed, and you can make a safe assumption that they’re getting the vast majority of high-quality sales as well. 

That’s it for today’s entry! Check out my other blogs for more thoughts on the latest digital industry development and entrepreneurship challenges in the online world. 

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