Success in Business Is About What You Can Control

Success in Business Is About What You Can Control

I don’t think there’s a pair of words I dislike more at the moment quite like the words “unprecedented times.” If you watch the news or read just about any piece of media content currently out there, the words “unprecedented times” inevitably start getting used. 

I can’t stand those words because they’re just a nicer way of saying, “Everything is out of control!” I’m a pretty direct guy, so beating around the bush with stuff like this inevitably gets irritating when I see others doing it. 

The other problem I have is that it implies success in the current financial environment is primarily out of my, or your, control, which I’m of the opinion it isn’t. 

So, for today’s blog, we’ll dive into why succeeding in business and entrepreneurship isn’t about what the world is doing but what you can do every day to make your goals and restrictions into tools to succeed eventually. 

Read on! 

Be Specific

Most of the time; when you see a failed business or project, you’ll notice that they typically haven’t got the most focused end goal. 

Success in business is about knowing precisely what you’re trying to achieve. Cast too broad of a net, and you’ll always miss valuable opportunities. So, stay specific with your goals and ensure every decision you make is geared towards accomplishing them. 

Make Measurable Criteria 

Why do I always see business owners worrying about metrics that have nothing to do with them? 

Knowing how to quantify your progress is crucial to figure out where you are and where you want to be, so it’s vital to ensure that you’re measuring the proper criteria for your business. 

Achievable Goals

Setting a lofty goal is all well and good, but it doesn’t mean much if you’re not focused on the multiple small goals in between. Big plans are difficult to achieve by their nature, so it can be profoundly discouraging to see how far you still are from your dream. 

So, take a break from yourself and set small goals for your business or project that can be achieved regularly and easily. You’ll notice quickly that all of those small goals build up to some pretty significant achievements given time. 


An Italian restaurant doesn’t measure its success by how much Chinese food it sells. Staying relevant isn’t just about staying on top of trends and the wants or needs of clients and customers; it’s about knowing what is relevant to you. 

Starting a business without aligning it with your beliefs, values, and work habits is often the first mistake many entrepreneurs make. 

Set Your Time

Always set a deadline for your goals; otherwise, you’ll just be falling into wishful thinking. Deadlines are tangible concepts, making it easier to stay motivated as they arrive. Do this for long and short-term goals, and then stay focused on how you can achieve them in the time frame you’ve set. 

That’s it for today’s entry! Check out my other blogs for more thoughts on the latest development in the digital industry and the challenges of entrepreneurship in the online world. 

Until then, see ya later! 

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