The Five Biggest Challenges for Digital Marketers in the Next 5 Years

The Five Biggest Challenges for Digital Marketers in the Next 5 Years Blog Image

The past two years have caused considerable shifts in multiple industries across the globe, often so much it feels like life in 2019 was practically a different century!

Of course, digital marketing has seen a gigantic shift as well, with thousands of businesses having to go digital to adapt to the new world COVID has created. If I’m honest, the need for businesses to embrace digital marketing as a resource was always going to grow, as the advantages of having a digital presence have been so clear. 

Still, more than a few businesses struggled on regardless, with many sadly folding due to being incapable of adapting to the changing times. Digital marketers are, for the first time arguably, feeling that same pull, with techniques of old falling out of fashion seemingly overnight as industry giants make sweeping changes to the status quo seemingly every day. 

In today’s blog, I want to go over what I believe are the major challenges digital marketers will face over the next few years and see if there’s a way to prepare for the coming industry shifts before they arrive. 

Cash Flow

Funding a business is always a key concern for anyone, but it becomes vital to manage cash flow and keep the books balanced efficiently during more challenging times. 

With increasing inflation and new variants of COVID always potentially on the horizon, it’s never been more critical to make sure you’re prepared for extended dry spells as consumers pull back on spending during non-holiday periods. 

If you haven’t already done so, it’s probably a good idea to start considering moving your business to a completely digital model. Remote work has become an enormous industry, and support for online business has never been better, making the idea no-brainer from a cost perspective. 

Content Content Content

Content marketing has become arguably the most vital element of the digital space, and it’s not just limited to volume – content produced for your clients has to have value as well – requiring staff with specific skill sets to achieve. 

In the next five years, content marketing will only go from strength to strength, with audiences clamoring for interactive storytelling techniques and a more expansive toolset to express themselves. 

Keep it Private

Internet privacy is still a huge issue and 2021 arguably saw some of the most aggressive pro-privacy moves by big tech companies ever. Apple’s new dedication to user privacy is exceptionally robust following security updates to IOS devices in the middle of the year. 

For a digital marketer, information is everything,. While enhanced privacy is great for users – it makes it difficult to take the same granular approaches to target and re-targeting campaigns of previous years. If the privacy trend from big tech continues, then the world of digital marketing will have to adapt accordingly. 

Mobile First

We’ve known it was going to happen for years, but the rapid growth of mobile devices in consumer behavior will be vital for digital marketers to adapt to in the coming years. Ensuring a mobile-friendly approach will not only be recommended for clients but will become an essential part of any online strategy going forward. 

Brand Authority

With so many avenues for information available to the average consumer with a mobile device, it’ll only ever become more essential for businesses to establish themselves as authorities in their industry. This doesn’t just apply to clients either, with marketers needing to make sure their own brand voice is as strong as possible as the competition for information becomes increasingly cutthroat. 

That’s it for today’s entry! Check out my other blogs for more thoughts on the latest development in the digital industry and the challenges of entrepreneurship in the online world. 

Until then, see ya later!

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